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Established in the year of 2008, we are the most promising service provider of Tantra ritual in the world of Tantra. The Tantra ritual is a service provided by our small group of trained and expert therapists/executives within the metro city of India and outside of India to spread a healthy environment about human basic needs & to make everyone aware about the importance of physical connection between two partners through our tantric practice.

We are available everywhere in the metro city of India at your doorstep. For Delhi/NCR two days advance booking is acceptable (immediate booking will have to be checked, depending on the availability of therapist). For other cities 5 days prior booking is mandatory. Flight fare and other expenses will be on chargeable apart from the mentioned charges on the website.

Tantra ritual is a practice through which we teach an individual how to perform a healthy relation with their partner and also how to build a strong bond. We are doing this since many years now. With our experience in Tantra practice on both Males and Females, we have realized the need and importance of it in everyone’s life. We do not look only for making our profit but also giving immense pleasure and satisfaction to our client. We interact with our clients and try to open them up to share about anything regarding personal problems. By understanding and by putting ourselves in their place, we help the client to relieve their fears, stress and guilt out of their lives.

An American psychologist said in his theory, “the existences of unmet needs are the desire to achieve optimum self-potential are fundamental sources of human motivation. According to him our basic physiological human needs are…., satisfying needs for oxygen, water, food, shelter & relief of sexual tension”.

The difference between sex and love is that, love causes tension and sex relieves it. Relieving of a sexual tension doesn’t mean to have sexual relationship with someone or anyone. With our research and experience we have seen many individuals, who are having a great sexual life with their partners but are still not satisfied. Some individual looks out for an emotional bond too with their physical needs. Tantra helps provide the same. Releasing of human body fluids out of the body is very important, or else we face lot of physical problems and diseases in life. Releasing it in a proper way with full satisfaction keeps a person mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, strong and stable. The practice through which we help them to meet with their unmet needs, is what Tantra practice is for.

In today’s busy schedule, almost everyone ignores their personal or private life.They mainly focus on a successful career and to have lots of savings for them, monetarily, mainly for their family member’s future. We forget about the basic needs of our body. And by the time when we realize it, one reached a point of frustration. We advise all you to take a step ahead and try our therapy. We will help you to get out of all your stresses and also counsel you how to take and make your life easier without giving up your family.

We are based in Delhi. Our therapists have taken training from an American Expert Trainer, while her visit to Goa, India (name cannot be disclosed at the site as per privacy concern). Since 2008, we are providing our Tantric ritual services to our clients almost everywhere in metro city of India, at their door step.