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Pure Tantra Ritual is a very sensual massage, performed between two opposite genders. In this Pure Tantra Ritual Massage, intense activity is performed with slow Tantra music. It gives an opportunity to the client to perform Tantric touches on the body of our therapist, simultaneously, to make it even more sensual and effective. This requires expertise and our therapist will guide you.

Pure Tantra Ritual is a 4 hours session, done in various phases as per the instructions of our assigned therapist. Essential oil is applied on the whole body throughout the session. The massage starts with deep breathing exercise. Then a combination of Swedish & Thai massage is performed by the therapist. The Massage is ended with lingam or yoni massage. We have explained this in brief.

Health Benefits:

It has a various health benefits. Some are listed as below:

1. Tantra Ritual Massage strengthens your immune system.

2. It Controls high blood pressure.

3. Regular session boosts your libido.

4. Long hours of ritual session help men and women better with bladder control.

5. It helps burn calories.

6. Improves cardiovascular functionality.

7. Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

8. It relieves muscle pain.

9. Relaxes your body muscles and reduces stress.

10. Tantra Ritual leads to a better sleep.

Duration of the Massage is 240 minutes.

Price: INR 95 Thousand

This Massage is available for Males & Females.