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1. Do not dishonor and disrespect our therapists. Self respect is very important to our team.

2. Do not bribe our therapists for any extra services.

3. Under any circumstances do not approach our therapists to indulge with you for any kind of sexual illegal activity.

4. Mobile phones are strictly not allowed to be used during the session. Kindly keep the phone in silent mode before starting the session.

5. Do not share your personal details with the executive. Do not ask the therapists to share his/her personal details with you.

6. Do not interact with the executive, just in case if you see him/her in any public places or area alone or with some one accompaying along them. As he/she will do the same. Your reputation and respect is our primary concern and so is the same for our employees.

7. We recommend to sleep properly and relaxed after taking any Tantra therapy.

8. Please make sure you are completely cleaned and shaved in your underarms and genital parts.

9. If you require the shaving service by our therapists, extra charges will be applicable. Please clear this point with us before booking the session.

10. If you are not shaved and are not maintaining proper hygiene as per our given instructions, our executive will deny the session. Your session will be cancelled and no money will be refunded.

11. Please make sure you are not emiting bad odor from your mouth and from your body.

12. Once the session is complete do not call or text or keep any form of communication with the therapists. Thisis against our policy. Please maintain a professional decoram during the session to get better services in future.