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One of the hardest decisions one has to take is to walk away or try harder to save your relationship. What happens when your relationship seems to be bringing more stress than happiness? Do you find that you have settled for a relationship that’s less than your expectations? Sometimes you find yourself making excuses and simply hope that you’re going through a rough patch and things are going to get better.

While relationships cannot be all high, they definitely should not be all low either!

Training and counselling sessions are provided mainly to the couple or even individually to those who have sexual incompatibility with their partner. This session is also arranged for the couples, who are planning to get married or who recently got married. It is our personal suggestion with our experiences; the individual must go under this counselling and training session before getting married, to understand and to have a successful and long lasting healthy marriage life.

In our digital world, we all are busy with our career and socialising. Most of the time we don’t realize the reason of distance between a couple, in their conjugal life, after being in a long and a happy married life. We still lack somewhere to make the relationship better. In the outside world, people see that the couple is happily married. But in their intimate life, it’s a different story.

When two people get married, it means they are committed to be with each other for life until their last breath. Journey of life for long time with the same person, is not as easy as it seems. It requires lots of care, nourishment, compromises (by both) and sacrifices. Everything has to be balanced, and one should not be more dominating the other person. Balance in life, can be maintained with mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Respect builds up automatically, when both the partners share the same blanket on the same bed every day. It also means to take care of each other’s sexual needs and desires. Marriage doesn’t mean to force oneself on the other person just because, you have got the marriage certificate. Give each other plenty of space, read about sex, and its positions and watch porn together. Be patient with each other and show your love and respect for the one whom you truly love.

If he or she doesn’t talk then don’t waste your energy and time, speak to each other openly and move on in life. If you feel there is something left between you both and something is yet to try, come to us, we will help you the best way possible.

We do not encourage to anyone for separation or divorce. Our counselling sessions are preventive measures. Every relationship can be saved with proper guidance and counselling.

There are few early signs of an unhappy relationship:

1. You start thinking of your relationship is not good enough.

2. It will all work out eventually.

3. Waiting for your partner to change.

4. Afraid of being alone.

5. You feel guilty.

6. Continuing relationship for the sake of your children.

7. The only thing good about the relationship is the sex.

8. You feel forced to compromise.

9. You feel you are committed to your partner for lifetime.

10. You have no longer anything to say or share to your partner.

11. You have many needs which are not being met.

12. Frequent disrespect and arguments.

13. A lack of trust.

14. Arguing over the same subject repeatedly.

15. Selfishness and not caring of the need of your partner.

16. Feeling sad and lonely.

17. Regret and new interests.

18. Drinking and drug usage.

19. Lack of passion in the voice.

20. Spying on each other.

Counselling session is done individually or together with your partner by our counsellor at the place decided by the client. The final evaluation is done with both the couple together. No family members and friends are allowed during the counselling. It will be kept private and confidential. Reputation of the client is our primary concerned.

Price: 60 thousand for a full package of 3 complete session.