• Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad

    1. Age below 25 years for male and 21 years for female are not allowed to avail any of our Tantra services without the prior permission from Doctor’s/Family members recommendations.

    2. Please pay the full amount to the therapist before starting the session without any argurment or questions.

    3. It is strictly prohibited to share any personal detail and identity of our therapists for any refferences. Legall action will be taken, if these details are shared.

    4. Do not ask or talk anything disrespectfull or inappropriate questions or words to our therapists.

    5. Be respectfull during the session and don’t use any disrespectfull or abusive words or language to our therapists. Leggal action will be taken against the client if this happens.

    6. Any sharp objects or tools should not be present at the session premises.

    7. Identification( govt. photo identification) proof is mandatory before making an appointment and after making the online booking with us.

    8. Keep yourself and your room very tidy, neat and clean in order to have a comfortable and relaxing session.

    9. Please do not force our therapists for any other extra services other than the services you have opted for.

    10. Do not approach the therapists directly for any future communication. It is prohibited and legall action will be taken if approached directly.