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Pure Tantra is a sensual massage, performed between the two opposite genders. In this Pure Tantra, we manipulate all the nerve endings in the body to stimulate, not only to improve their sexual energy but also to improve the quality of their life as an individual.

Health Benefits:

1. Improves sleeping pattern.

2. Increases immunity power.

3. Helps in burning calories and reduces unnecessary fat.

4. By improving muscle contraction and reduces body ache & pain.

5. Reduces the risk of having prostate cancer/Breast cancer.

6. Strengthens the performance of pelvic floor muscles.

7. Improves premature ejaculation.

8. Helps in releasing stress, related to personal life or work-related issues.

9. Increases self-esteem of a person.

10. Over all it helps a person to be more mature, patient and understanding as an individual. Duration of the Massage is 90 minutes. It is the fast and short process of Pure Tantra Ritual.

Price: INR 50,000/-

This Massage is available for Males & Females.