Marriage Counseling saved my life


I and my husband got married about 8 years back. We had a love marriage with our family acknowledgement and we were mutually agreed not to have any of our own kids. After 6 years of our marriage our relationship turned into a compromise more than an understanding. We started fighting over small small thing and started hating each other day by day. We were almost ignoring each other…some times for more than a month. But we were not ready for the separation or divorce. So we decided to go for a counseling session…n started looking professional counselor. Finally we have come across about this site. I was not ready to go with this website services but my husband insisted for it. We both came together for the counseling session. I am really great full with all my heart for the counselor. She understood my problem and made me realize about where I was lacking. I just couldn’t stop myself to Wright about my feeling and the change I have now within me. Thanks a lot…Anju,